A Year Long Craniosacral Series


WHAT?: A year long (or more) Craniosacral series integrating and interweaving multiple approaches to Craniosacral Therapy.

FOR WHO?: My students and others who meet the requirements for entry. See pre-requisites below.

WHAT INSPIRED THIS?: This arose as a result of students who’ve been asking me to please teach more classes beyond the five workshops I already offer. They have enthusiastically and patiently been prompting me to do this for years!

WHERE AM I COMING FROM?: The further I personally get into craniosacral work, the more I appreciate the gifts of all the approaches I’ve studied and trained in: Biodynamic, Biomechanical, and Visionary. I see divisions in the greater cranio community and I think “why?”. All of them have their place, and I incorporate all of them in my practice.

WHAT DO I ENVISION?: Each school of thought has its perspective - its strengths, skills, and theories. We will play with the give and take of these perspectives and work with the art involved in interweaving them - the ongoing inquiry being when do we gently influence a client's system, and when do we step aside and allow the client's own healing process to emerge?

This will be a forum for both education and practice support as students continue to grow and navigate through their successes and challenges of this work.

WHAT WILL WE COVER?: Some of the content and direction will be dictated by, and in response to those who participate. In other words, the individuals who attend will influence the content and shape of this series.


ANYTHING ELSE?: Yes. On occasion I will bring in a guest teacher.

WHEN AND HOW OFTEN? Every 10-12 weeks. The first class meeting will be 3 days. Most classes will be 2 days, though there will be one other 3-day.

The series will run for one year. Once the training is going, the group will have the option to extend it beyond one year.

How Many?: Class size limited to 10 students.

THIS IS A SERIES: Students need to commit to the full series as opposed to individual workshops.

PREREQUISITES: For those who have had at least 3 or 4 workshops with me prior, or have had equivalent exposures elsewhere totaling 75-100 classroom hrs of Craniosacral training. Minimum of one year in craniosacral practice. If not yet in “official” practice, you have been doing practice sessions for at least one year. Or permission of instructor.

For the few who may not have the minimum of an intro to Biodynamic, I will arrange a one day tutorial for the group of you.

ginko photo DATES TBA
Dates TBA
TIMES: 11:00am - 6:30pm each day

5641 Huntington Ave
Richmond, CA 94804

Three day segments - $450
Two day segments - $300


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