Ground, Center, Midline and Space

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© 2011 Julie Cohn

This workshop is dedicated to exploring key principles common to energetic practices across cultures and millennia. While many of us find yoga to be grounding and centering, what would it be like to first find ground and center, and then bring them and their beneficial effects into our yoga practice?

Through tangible exercises, breath work, and asana practice, we will do just that, discovering more expansion and stability with less effort, and a sense of "bloom" in our asanas - just in time for Spring!

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Ellen Mossman practices and teaches Craniosacral Therapy, anatomy, and yoga. She has been a bodyworker since 1985, focusing on recovery from injury and trauma. She is a graduate of The Yoga Room’s Advanced Studies Program, and has been practicing yoga since 1997. Ellen is passionate about the study of anatomy and it's application in living movement. She brings inquiry, warmth and humor to her classes.